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L’OLIVA Bangkok welcomes a new Happy Hour “Aperitivo Italiano”
experience on the terrace.

L'OLIVA Bangkok on Soi Sukhumvit 36, which is renowned in Bangkok for Italian traditional Abruzzo cuisine with a modern touch, welcomes an exciting new drinking and dining initiative for those who love to enjoy the great outdoor environment with refreshing cocktails and Italian bites to pair.

Guests can now experience Aperitivo in Bangkok! Enjoy L’OLIVA’s outdoor terrace with Chef Gabriele Luna’s new mouthwatering Aperitivo Italiano menu paired with refreshing Aperitivo beverages at the “Happy Hour” time, between 4pm - 7pm and every day.

L’OLIVA Bangkok, which is much than just pizza and pasta would like people to share their idea of “Aperitivo Italiano”, in the essence of ‘Cicchetti di innovazione e tradizione in vero stile Italiano’ (Aperitivo with innovation and tradition in the true Italian style). What that essentially means is, diners at L’OLIVA may now enjoy their Aperitivo Italiano (pre-meal time or happy hour time) with a new Cicchetti menu (Italian bites or Italian “tapas”) at L'OLIVA’s spacious outdoor garden & breezy second floor terrace.

The “Aperitivo Italiano” menu has been curated by Head Chef, Gabriele Luna, famed locally for his pasta making skills, and is inspired by the richness of land and sea produce, as the Abruzzo region is known for. Guests may indulge in the ‘Crudo Plate’, a seasonal selection of fresh raw seafood of the day or the playful ‘Crocchette Di Parma’ , deep fried breaded Parma Ham & Bechamel which bounce off the teeth and melt on the tongue. Not forgetting some of L’OLVIA’s classics with an Aperitivo twist, like the Pizza Romana Board which comes in small or large sizes of Roman style pizza slices topped with Italian cured meat, cheese and homemade sauce.

What’s Aperitivo time without a drink?

L’OLIVA will also be serving some classic Italian Aperitivo refreshments such as Aperol or Campari Spritz, Peroni Draft Beer on tap, SPellegrino and Acqua Panna Still and Sparkling, plus the signature L’OLIVA Martini and refreshing wines to pair with the Aperitivo Italian bites! Best of all, guests who order an APERITIVO “PARTY BOARD”, priced at 690 THB (Mixed Aperitivo Sharing Platter for 2-4 people) will be entitled to one round of, a buy one get one free drink!*

The Aperitivo Italiano menu at L’OLIVA is already available to diners and is best enjoyed on the terrace or garden areas but may be enjoyed in any part of the restaurant during the L’OLIVA “Happy Hour” period of 4pm - 7pm daily.

Chef Gabriele Luna explains how the “Aperitivo Italiano” menu began and the inspiration behind it:

“As I was sitting here on the beautiful terrace of L’OLIVA in the pulsing heart of Bangkok, tucked away in Soi Sukhumvit 36, on a beautiful sunny day, with the chirping of birds and some Olive all'ascolana with Mr. Nicolino (L’OLIVA’s Co-founder) enjoying a Campari Spritz, we started talking about why everyone here is so in a rush, eating without really spending the time to truly enjoy the meal. That’s when we thought of spreading the joy of “Aperitivo” culture at L’OLIVA. Allowing people to come and experience the chill mood and relaxed atmosphere we have here. From this starting point we elaborated on a super cozy menu, some small and affordable bites for an everyday Aperitivo and also some more exclusive fine bites for a special occasion. Before talking about this menu, I must go inside the culture and the lifestyle of Italians.

Italians love to sit, chill and enjoy the beautiful hours before the meal, drinking a refreshing Aperol Spritz or a glass of prosecco, or even a nice Negroni and pairing with some bites, talking about family, football, politics, arts, weather or whatever is the current theme. This is an act done almost every day in Italy, and everywhere from North to South, from under the Milano’s Duomo or in the beautiful Venice in piazza San Marco or in the immortal Roma looking the Colosseum or the Pantheon, on the beach in Amalfi coast and also in Taormina after buying a cool Gucci bag.

"Come enjoy the Aperitivo Italiano menu, chill and appreciate the moment because the Aperitivo time is the way we can freeze time and never get old.” - Gabriele Luna, Head Chef of L’OLIVA Bangkok.

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